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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Las Vegas Hustler

The is a great new vistors travel guide for Las Vegas NV.

Las Vegas City Visitors Guide^Check out this great new travel portal for visitors to Las Vegas NV.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Audio Update From Prowealth

Listen To Audio Here:

regarding payment plans, it says members receive;

1) 1 x $25 per person personally referred.
2) From the 'powerline' matrix compression;
a.) $5 per person placed 1 level under you
b.) $3 per person placed 2 levels under you
c.) $1 per person placed 3 levels under you
3) 50% of the amount earned each month by your 1st level referrals
4) 30% of earnings made by your second level referrals
5) 20% of earnings made by your third level referrals.
6) 'Bronze members' get an additional payment of about $30 per month from a special pool.

More information here